A Big Thanks from Doc Blues

Now that CBBF 2013 is history, proper thanks are in order. First, to all the
loyal fans of CBBF and Blues who have supported the event for 23 years thru
rain, wind, fog, drizzle and the occasional sunny day, you are why we do
this! Without the friendship, talent and patience of more than 160
musicians, there would be no fest, no doubt, and, once again the unending
generosity of Kerry Kearney for the guitar … Read the rest




 2 Stages,
34 Bands & Artists
Ranging in musical styles from rock and roll, to blues, jazz, funk and more

 … Read the rest

Mixing in roots, blues, funk, soul and jam…

When the summer ends, music fans know there will be one last blast of blues and roots to carry them through the coming wintry blasts and blizzards.  That is the Cedar Beach Music and Arts Festival. This is Long Island’s largest and oldest blues festival. It is the gathering of the faithful and a tribal pow-wow for the blues and roots community providing a tribute to the power of music to delight, uplift and entertain. … Read the rest